Collective Punishment in Schools:A war crime?

An 11 year old girl has left tongues wagging after she referred to collective punishment in schools as a war crime.Eva Bell says these in a feedback form that her father found she had filled. 

This mesmerized the dad as she talked about what many have wanted to talk about,but they didn’t know how.

The father Gavin Bell(known by his author name as Mr.Mason Cross)then posted on tweeter asking people whether to ground her  or buy her ice cream.

Below is how Mr.Cross posted on his tweeter handle

This little girl criticized the policy where the whole class gets punished for a single individual’s transgression.

This reminds me of when I was in lower primary school.

 I was a professional noise maker in class. I would not miss in any list of noise makers drawn by the class prefect.He had nothing personal against me.He just did his work well.Next to my name you’d find written times 10.Meaning I made  normal noise ten times!

One day our class teacher comes from the staffroom and find people making noise.Furious,she caned all of us silly, without minding who made the mistake or not.The class had made a mistake.

Later she was given the Prefect’s lost .My name was again there. You can guess what happened….. Again!

Many years later I haven’t forgotten : meaning it hurt.

In her feedback what this girl did ,was AWESOME.

This is what an empowered child can do.They can stand up for their Rights! 

Sometimes back I remember some colleagues at work and at home who were not for the fact that children should be given the roll free number(116) to call incase they encountered an issue of child abuse.

Eva   Bell had the nerves to  to say what she said:with a lot of confidence.And at the end of it all, readers of the post agreed to the fact that this girl is great and needs icecream for a job well done in advocating for the rights of  many othwr children!!!

This is how the father tweeted it later .She won I Guess



10 thoughts on “Collective Punishment in Schools:A war crime?

  1. I love it. I never believed in the one bad apple mindset. Why do people use this method with children? What if we imposed this action on a company or an entire school district–sounds so silly. In my opinion, these individuals are lazy and simply do not or don’t know how to address the one individual.

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