Spanking teaches children that violence is the solution to problems. It also teaches children that it is okay to use physical violence to control other people and situations. Spanking teaches kids that it is okay to hit the people you love. Spanking teaches them nothing that will be useful or helpful in their adult lives or that will help them to communicate with other people.

What’s your take?

33 thoughts on “SPANK

  1. Overtime I have come to the realisation that spanking children isn’t the best idea. There are other measures that can be used to bring about positive change in children with maladaptive behaviours. Measures like seclusion, disciplinary measures, etc. In general I am not in support of spanking, it does more harm than good.

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    1. Hi Whitney,
      That’s true,though it has been practiced for long, its high time parents ,teachers and caregivers looked the other way round and put a stop to this time bad practice.
      Am optimistically optimistic that change is slowly coming.
      Thanks for your comments.

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  2. I agree with you. When my children were toddlers, I admit that I slapped their hands or bottoms a couple of times, but if I had it to do over again, I’m sure I could have used better alternatives consistently like simple time out away from the situation, a stern, “NO,” and re-direction. No parent is perfect, but there’s always room for improvement. Good post!

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    1. Hi JoAnna,
      Thanks for your precious comments
      We can always learn and do better.
      Am struggling with guys/teachers here trying to advocate for NO violence in schools. It’s possible
      Though these alternatives are time consuming but they bare the best results

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  3. I agree with Basilia but discipline whether it be with words or physically done I think that neither should be done out of anger. I believe anger is the root of the problem now a days when we discipline our children and they will come to realize and understand our actions when they become parents of their own.

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