Outrageous !!

Today, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli says schoolgirls who become mothers will not be allowed to go back to school after giving birth.

Am taken a back!!!

What’s your take?


11 thoughts on “Outrageous !!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your input!
      You’ve put it so well actually!
      And does he know the circumstances that can lead to one getting pregnant? It’s not only being promiscuous!! And even if it were so,education is a basic right!!!
      I hope human Rights activist and those who care there will put their best foot forward…

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    1. Hi,Thanks for reading and writing,
      Surely,this a very true observation!
      In Kenya the minister of education now gives an order that children should not be part of Board Of management,this they say is to reduce on indiscipline case:I don’t even see the connection!!!!
      Seems we are backtracking on all the gains made.Sad

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    1. Hi JoAnna,
      Here tis early morning,
      We definitely hope so!
      I have a girl in my class in my class who was impregnated by a fellow minor (under 18) we gave her a second chance and today she is more focused in class.
      Child birth is not a contagious disease!!!!

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