Day of the African Child.

June 16th Every year the African Child is celebrated. This is a Child in much need of protection. This is a child who find herself in most of the so called 3rd world countries.

Save a child ,save the future,so we say!

If all stakeholders brought their efforts together to save the the child, then not very long and we’ll have a big change in our African continent. 

Africans have come along way, and they are today making big steps towards the realisation of our common goal,which is development which includes protection of basic human rights. Development in terms of infrastructure,way of life and general well being of her  persons is on the upward trend!

Children here are still faced by a myriad of challenges.Ranging from neglect:both educational and physical,sexual abuse,physical abuse female genital mutilation(FGM) among many others!

Big ups to the different organizations and institutions that planned for an activity on this day.

The celebration are just for awareness creation but where the rubber meets the road is in what we do every day with the children: At home, at school,in the religious institutions; mosque and church included,on the highways,pathways and allays.

Pictures of The Day of the African Child – DAC – function for Kisumu East happening on at Kibos secondary school on 16th July.Thanks to Compassion International

Children from different schools attending the DAC celebration at Kibos Secondary school

In Likoni-Mombasa County it was action galore.Beacon teacher Tumaini,was present in the celebrations .He send the following pictures….

Psssst..! Let us not forget to check what  happens in the orphanages,children homes and other children institutions!!!!!Reports indicate that a lot of abuse take place there!!



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