​Children and Politics.

2017 is an important year in the history of this great nation Kenya. This is the year when the nationals go to the ballot to pick a leader of their choice, the 4th or the 5th president of Kenya. Already the nomination process is behind us.

The violence witnessed during that period was immense: What did it teach our children? It taught our children that violence can be used to solve problems. A lie.

Money is flew all over, parties everywhere, handouts left right and centre. 

Reports have also reached us that even some politicians  included children in their long queues as they give handouts.

This is a  very grave situation,children are being taught to accept bribes.That you only elect whoever gives you money.Adding fuel to the already  slow eating cancer of corruption,that has for a long time disintegrated the  fabrics of our society both economically and socially. Robbing  the same children of the very future that we should secure for them in the ballot.

The noise is all over, it’s about  us adults.What about that little subtle voices?Our children ,where does all these hoolabaloo place them. Do we put them in our thoughts as we politic? 

Are we even aware that the decisions are actually about them? Thus brings the question :Do we involve them

We all know that children learn what they see hence it is of high priority that in this campaign period we also factor our young ones into the equation. 

Leaders who do not have an agenda for the children(read future) should not be given a chance to lead



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