Better the Devil I know

As a child protection Activist, am always  excited about child development stages.They fascinate me.

Hence when I was invited by my church pastor to be a godfather to this angel in the picture below I was very excited,and it got me thinking.

How a child grows.Trumpling the milestones.It made me think of the adult life and its fears!

“Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know.”

Beacon Robert and kids
The author Robert Omwa with ‘his’ child and the sister.On his face written is the excitement of being a god father to such a beautiful young angel.Children are devine.

 This is a cleché that has been used for a long time that I don’t agree with.Its wrong from its wording to its spirit. It tells you to be complacent. Not to try new frontiers,where which your good tidings maybe lying in waiting.

If a baby was told about this devil, it would not dare to sit, crawl,stand,walk and eventually run. This is because the child would talk about a devil that is already known to them ;this could be a previous milestone. They would want to stick to it and not try new frontier, new things,risk,but only stay at the comfort zone.Nobody has ever made it in life by sticking to the familiar areas. Sometimes it calls for altering and upsetting the laid down rules of the game.

  The child gets to try new and even  dangerous feats so that they grow into s fully functional human being.

You too,don’t settle for less.

Keep moving


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