Fear of Math Among students

Hello..I was asked this question by my student in school.I need your help.Please can you answer the above question in the comment section below.

​The truth is that we should never label ourselves or anyone else as not a “math person.” We cannot let the math fundamentals be the hurdle limiting our potential. Our daily lives are too dependent on math to ignore. Math skills are survival skills.

11 thoughts on “Fear of Math Among students

      1. Actually I blame the teacher in it. I had a horrible chemistry teacher, which has made me difficult to understand Chemistry, it’s like knowing a subject of outer space.

        I saw so many videos on Mathematics, which makes anyone love it.

        It’s the manner it’s been taught. I guess student want to see the practical side of Algebra and Algorithm to see the effects of the solution to grasp the importance of it.

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  1. You are right,we teachers are the problem. Some teachers have successfully managed to instil a bad attitude towards the subject in the process of teaching.
    As a BEACON teacher I know of a teacher who believed in caning/instilling fear on the pupils in the process of teaching.
    But after sensitization, he is now becoming a better teacher

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