Each School needs a Social worker!

By Jerry Blessing.

Alternative discipline is taking route in Kenyan schools today, thanks to Teachers Service Commission, Plan International, Kenya Network of Beacon Teachers,CREAW among other bodies that Champion for the well being of children.Care givers are dropping the cane.Corporal punishment is being shunned by people who were known to widely use it: the teachers.

Teachers today, as a matter of policy have desisted from inflicting pain on their learners.

Talking to a staff of teachers at YathRateng primary school Beacon teacher Denneys Mbasja said. “If the use of corporal punishment was outlawed for felons and convicts in the prisons then corporal punishment cannot be justified for learners in our schools!”

One may wonder though, that if the sensitisations have worked as purported then why do we have a lot of cases of a child having been caned here ,spanked there. Technocrats say this could be a positive work that has been done by the concerned: hence now they understand the reporting pathways and they are now reportin!.

As much as there are success stories, some teachers who were used to spanking now feel that their hands are tied.They cannot exercise the method of discipline that they only know too well- caning.

Such feelings could arise because alternative discipline is time consuming

For this reason a social worker would help in following up cases of indiscipline. Calling and talking to parents and the affected child to get down to the bottom of the issue. As behind every indiscipline their is a reason!

This will come in handy for cases that would require more time for the teacher to follow up whereas he or she should be in class teaching the 99 others instead of the 1 that has an indiscipline issue.

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