Holiday Preparation for Adolescents: –

In a week or so we shall have our children back home for the 2019 April holiday. What a nice feeling for the children, parents, and teachers as well!

Children and teachers will take a break from daily hectic routine to enjoy a more relaxing environment. Will parents (of Teenagers) have the same experience? YES and/or NO depending on how well they prepare for the holidays.

~ Be eager to receive them (they can sense how you feel)

~ Create time in advance (have a proper balance)

~ Prepare their favourite meal

~ Let them talk first as you listen as opposed to you talking first or asking questions so soon after their arrival. They may read your motives negatively leading to poor response to your questions or withdrawal of some vital information

~ Ask about general school information, before asking about performance whether they’re good performers or otherwise. Get as much information as possible

~ Avoid making negative comments on their school and teachers in their presence or jumping into conclusions. Remember they’re at an age where lying is not so hard

~ Ask about their performance and guide accordingly. Congratulations are in order where and as due

~ Address poor performance with serious concern and care. Remind them they are doing it for their own good and offer necessary help

~ Do not ask about the opening date immediately, and if you do, let it not sound as if you’re not happy having them around.

~ Allow them time to relax, settle, catch up with siblings and general home environment. (This does not mean aimless roaming. Be aware of their movements and take necessary control measures)

~ Have a logical (realistic) plan for the whole holiday

Enjoy your Easter holidays, and may God bless you and give you the Wisdom needed to guide them to greatness.

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