AYHRCDI- Kenyan Chapter/ Beacon Teachers Celebrates International Human Rights Day.

Every 10th of December the world celebrates International Human Rights Day and this year Kenya was not left behind. African Youth Human Rights and Citizenship Development Initiative(AYHRCDI) Kenyan Chapter organised an activity to mark the day on Monday 11th, 10th December having fell on a Sunday. Robert Ouko Omwa, AYHRCDI Kenyan coordinator joined by two … Continue reading AYHRCDI- Kenyan Chapter/ Beacon Teachers Celebrates International Human Rights Day.


Gender Based Violence Report.

A new survey released by National Crime and Research Centre shows that cases of gender violence against men have increased in the last one year. The report which targeted 819 respondents (656 female and 163 male) in 13 counties (Northeastern counties were not included) said current prevalence was 48.6 percent for men and 37.7 percent … Continue reading Gender Based Violence Report.

Break the Cycle of Violence !

The cycle of violence/abuse must be broken so that we protect today’s children and future generation from violence and abuse . Children’s memory tend to replay either the torture they have gone through or the rescue they received in time of torture . When the memory of the children who have passed through our hands … Continue reading Break the Cycle of Violence !

Rape and Clothing!!!

Rebbeca a standard eight girl returned from school one evening.She removed her school uniform, put on her easy, light evening dress and settled on the warm soft couch to watch her favourite program on the television while taking some tea before doing her homework.After a few minutes the mother realises that she forgot  to buy … Continue reading Rape and Clothing!!!