‘Baby Pendo”

Baby Pendo died in hospital. The 6 month old baby was hit on the head by police quelling riots in Kisumu, Kenya. Later,she succumbed to the head injuries and the internal bleeding she suffered. The police when asked about it, they said they had to use force to prevent street protest by angry residents of [...]


Empowered children.

Surely,children when empowered can create change in their world.Below,officials of Child to Child Club sell the first produce of their vegetable garden.The money will go along way to assist the disadvantaged amongst themselves in the school.Onlooking is the patron Dorothy Kisero and  the author, Beacon Robert Omwa!!! Thanks Ace Africa, Lillian Odunga, Laura Doresi, Zita Eve, [...]


"Help! Brother help! " But you look at them and glare.  "Give me ten cents. " But you continue as though deaf.  Parking boy sees a full bin across and runs for it You slam the brakes and call him Monkey!  "Move off the road you child of an inferior God! " Me? Child of [...]