Rape and Clothing!!!

Rebbeca a standard eight girl returned from school one evening.She removed her school uniform, put on her easy, light evening dress and settled on the warm soft couch to watch her favourite program on the television while taking some tea before doing her homework.After a few minutes the mother realises that she forgot  to buy [...]


Collective Punishment in Schools:A war crime?

An 11 year old girl has left tongues wagging after she referred to collective punishment in schools as a war crime.Eva Bell says these in a feedback form that her father found she had filled.  This mesmerized the dad as she talked about what many have wanted to talk about,but they didn't know how. The [...]

Child Protection song

"Head,Shoulder,Knees and toes.Knees and toes, knees and toes...."  Do you remember this Preschool 1 play song,used to teach body parts? I guess you remember it. It gives Child Protection Beacon Teachers in Kenya the tune  signature for their child protection song.This song brings to the child's knowledge that they need to keep their private parts [...]

​BABY STAR by Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam:A Book Review.

Praise inspires.Bullying injures Praise inspires.Bullying injures is the author's main message of writing the book.She does a splendid job at bringing this out.With crisp illustration done by Ian Arunga the book is an easy read for both children and adults who love chidrens'books .Anybody will hold this book to have a read. Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam who [...]

Kiboko Burning Ceremony.

Kiboko is a Kiswahili word for cane. Cane has been used for a long long time to 'instil' discipline. It has been believed to make children, spouses, inmates, delinquents, felons among others change their unwanted ways. But research has actually proved the opposite :Any form of physical abuse be it caning, spanking, hitting, shaking, burning, [...]

Beacon Teachers Movement :Trailblazing in Child Protection. 

With barely three years  in operation Kenya Network of Beacon Teachers Movement has covered more ground than expected. This noble project that was initiated by the Teachers Service Commission, Plan International with funding from the European Union under the project known as EU-VAC(Ending Violence Against Children) has really impressed.  Why TSC?  Teachers Service Commission has [...]