Better the Devil I know

As a child protection Activist, am always  excited about child development stages.They fascinate me. Hence when I was invited by my church pastor to be a godfather to this angel in the picture below I was very excited,and it got me thinking. How a child grows.Trumpling the milestones.It made me think of the adult life [...]


​BABY STAR by Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam:A Book Review.

Praise inspires.Bullying injures Praise inspires.Bullying injures is the author's main message of writing the book.She does a splendid job at bringing this out.With crisp illustration done by Ian Arunga the book is an easy read for both children and adults who love chidrens'books .Anybody will hold this book to have a read. Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam who [...]

Mother’s Day:The Flip side!

Happy belated Mother's day to all real mothers out there! I don't know,but I have a feeling that the above mentioned Day comes more than once a year.Could it be because of the hype that normally accompanies it? 'Happy Father's Day' only comes once  a year and it is normally low key.Where did fathers go [...]


Citadel of our family,  A star at  the roof of our house,  We honour you, father. Citadel  of our family,  Your concern for  us is unlimited,  You pay for many things : Food and clothes,  Health and education.  A star at the roof of our house,  We honour you, father.  Pillar of our family,  Our [...]